Introducing The Patriot Series

Medicare Supplement and Final Expense products

are designed [together] to provide freedom and

peace of mind to those we love.

Better Together

The Patriot Series combines Med Supp and

Final Expense enrollment into one seamless

electronic application process

Good For Agents, Good for Clients

Together is always better. With the bundled solution from American

Home Life (AHL), producers and customers alike can enjoy a product

with more benefits and less complexity — the way insurance was meant

to be, holistically addressing the needs of your clients.

Trusted for Generations

American Home Life Insurance Company (AHL) was founded in 1909 in Topeka, Kansas under the name Kansas Home Mutual Life Insurance Company. In 1912, the Company merged with the American Mutual Life Insurance Company of McPherson, Kansas, and adopted its current name -American Home Life Insurance Company-which the Company has operated under for over 100 years. Throughout the last century, American Home Life’s mutual corporate structure, conservative investment philosophy, and Midwestern value-oriented culture have enabled AHL to grow and prosper through multiple World Wars, epidemics, and recessions while fulfilling its commitments to its policyholders, agents, and employees.


Learn More About American Home Life

American Home Life Insurance Company (AHL) was founded in 1909 in Topeka, Kansas under the name Kansas Home Mutual Life Insurance Company.

Since 1909

AHL was founded and operates today as a Mutual insurance company. A mutual insurance company is simply a company that is owned exclusively by its policyholders; it has no shareholders and is not publicly traded on any exchange. This distinction is very important because it means AHL can solely operate in policyholder’s long-term interest without having to weigh the effects company decisions may have on shareholder’s short-term interests. As a result, AHL is superiorly positioned to navigate its way through unexpected future financial or political events and is ultimately better able to fulfill its obligations to its policyholders both on time and in full when we’re needed most. A long-term and conservative investment management philosophy has always been the foundation of AHL’s financial strength and stability. AHL’s asset management team deploys capital into the marketplace under a highly customized, conservative investment strategy that prioritizes ongoing, long-term financial solvency above all else. AHL’s past and present performance has earned the company a “Stable Outlook” rating from AM Best, the industry’s leading rating agency. AHL’s portfolio is currently and will remain well-positioned to continue fulfilling its obligations to policyholders now and into the future, regardless of the financial climate of the day.

Our Trusted Patriot Series Products

“Two” good “two” be true? Think again. The AHL Med Supp & Patriot Series Final Expense Plan Bundle is the rewarding combination you and your clients have been waiting for.

Medicare Supplement

  • Highly Competitive Rates
  • Instant Decision Given Via E-app!
  • All Underwritten Cases Automatically Qualify For 20% Discounted Super Preferred Final Expense With NO EXTRA PAPERWORK!
  • Telesales Friendly – Industry-Best Signature Options
  • SS billing Dates Available
  • Agent bonuses – $125 MS and $150 super preferred FE on combo
  • 7% HHD (Two policyholders)

Final Expense

  • No Phone Interview + Instant Decision Given Via E-app!
  • 3 of 4 Available Benefit Tiers Are Level! Offer More Clients FULL Day 1 Coverage
  • Telesales Friendly – Industry-Best Signature Options
  • Competitive Underwriting – Day 1 Coverage for COPD, Lupus, Parkinson’s, No Height/Weight
  • Highly Competitive Rates
  • ALL Social Security Draft Dates Available
  • Ages 40-89 Available!

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