Introducing The Patriot Series

Medicare Supplement and Final Expense products

are designed [together] to provide freedom and

peace of mind to those we love.

Better Together

The Patriot Series combines Med Supp and

Final Expense enrollment into one seamless

electronic application process

Good For Agents, Good for Clients

Together is always better. With the bundled solution from American

Home Life (AHL), producers and customers alike can enjoy a product

with more benefits and less complexity — the way insurance was meant

to be, holistically addressing the needs of your clients.


Automatic Premium Loan – A non-forfeiture option that allows the insurer to deduct the amount of an outstanding premium from the value of the policy when the premium is due.

Extended Term Insurance – A non-forfeiture option in which a policyholder ceases to pay the premiums but keeps the full amount of the policy in force for whatever term the cash value permits.

Grace Period – A defined amount of time after the premium is due in which a policyholder can make a premium payment without coverage lapsing.

Non-Forfeiture Options – Provisions in a life insurance contract that ensure that the equity of an insured in a life insurance policy cannot be forfeited.

Reduced Paid-Up Insurance – A non-forfeiture option that allows the death benefit to remain in place without you being required to pay any future premiums. The death benefit is reduced to the amount of insurance that can be purchased by the net cash surrender value of the policy if any.

Benefit Period – Starts the day you go to a hospital or skilled nursing facility, and ends when you have not received hospital or skilled nursing facility care for 60 consecutive days.

CoInsurance – A percentage of Medicare-approved expenses not paid by Medicare.

Copayment – A fixed fee amount that subscribers to a medical plan must pay when using specific services covered by an insurance plan.

Deductible – Amount that one must pay for Medicare-approved expenses before Medicare begins to pay.

Eligible Expenses – Costs that are deemed medically necessary by Medicare and covered expenses under your plan.

Emergency Care – Immediate medical care is needed because of an injury or an illness of sudden and unexpected onset.

Excess Charges – The difference between what a health care provider is permitted to charge and the Medicare-approved amount.

Hospice Care – A program of care and support for someone who is terminally ill; helps them live out the time they have remaining to the fullest extent possible.

Medicare-Approved Amount – In original Medicare, the amount that a physician who accepts assignment can be paid, including what Medicare pays and any other deductibles, coinsurance, or copayments.

Premium – The periodic payment to Medicare, an insurance company, or a health care plan for coverage.

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