Final Expense Whole Life Insurance

Better Together

The Patriot Series combines Med Supp and

Final Expense enrollment into one seamless

electronic application process

Good For Agents, Good for Clients

Together is always better. With the bundled solution from American

Home Life (AHL), producers and customers alike can enjoy a product

with more benefits and less complexity — the way insurance was meant

to be, holistically addressing the needs of your clients.

Our Promise To You

The American Home Life Insurance Company is honored you are considering representing our company to your clients. In return, we promise to provide your clients with the best possible personal service, claims payment, and overall level of care we can. Rest assured your clients can rely on The American Home Life Insurance Company to be there for them when they need us most. We look forward to providing your clients with the best experience possible.

Highlighted Features

Ages 40-89 Available!

Highly Competitive Rates

Industry-Best Signature Options

No Phone Interview + Instant Decision

Competitive Underwriting

ALL Social Security Draft Dates Available

Finding The Best Plan For Your Client

4 TOTAL PLANS (3 level plans, 1 modified plan) are available to ensure you meet your client needs.

This table provides details on the level and modified plans.

*Age as of last birthday.

**Maximum benefit amount varies according to the age of the applicant at the time of policy issue.

Benefit Riders

(available for Level Plan only)

Accelerated Death Benefit Rider

This rider pays up to 50% of the death benefit (less policy loan) if a physician provides written certification that the insured meets the definition for a qualifying event, which is a medical condition that results in a terminal, chronic or critical illness with a life expectancy of 12 months or less.

The minimum benefit is $1,000 and the maximum benefit is $15,000. An administrative fee of $200 will be taken from the benefit amount.

*not available on Modified plan

Accidental Death Benefits Rider

This rider pays 100% of the base policy’s face amount for accidental death for issues ages 40 through 70.

Children’s Term Insurance Rider

This rider provides coverage through age 25 at the time of policy issue for a child, stepchild, legally adopted child, grandchild, legally adopted grandchild, or great-grandchild. This benefit is available in $2,500 units up to a maximum of $10,000 per child.

Coverage is limited to 9 children. The coverage amount selected will be the same for all covered children and may not exceed the face amount of the base policy.

Medicare Supplement

  • Highly Competitive Rates
  • Instant Decision Given Via E-app!
  • All Underwritten Cases Automatically Qualify For 20% Discounted Super Preferred Final Expense With NO EXTRA PAPERWORK!
  • Telesales Friendly – Industry-Best Signature Options
  • SS billing Dates Available
  • Agent bonuses – $125 MS and $150 super preferred FE on combo
  • 7% HHD (Two policyholders)

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Final Expense Glossary:

Automatic Premium Loan - A non-forfeiture option that allows the insurer to deduct the amount of an outstanding premium from the value of the policy when the premium is due.

Extended Term Insurance - A non-forfeiture option which a policyholder ceases to pay the premiums but keeps the full amount of the policy in force for whatever term the cash value permits.

Grace Period - A defined amount of time after the premium is due in which a policyholder can make a premium payment without coverage lapsing.

Non-Forfeiture Options - Provisions in a life insurance contract that ensure that the equity of an insured in a life insurance policy cannot be forfeited.

Reduced Paid-Up Insurance - A non-forfeiture option that allows the death benefit to remain in place without you being required to pay any future premiums. The death benefit is reduced to the amount of insurance that can be purchased by the net cash surrender value of the policy, if any.